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Spearmint Leaf - Base & Flavor Herb
Spearmint Leaf - Base & Flavor Herb
Spearmint Leaf - Base & Flavor Herb
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Spearmint Leaf - Base & Flavor Herb

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    Spearmint is used primarily to impart flavor in smoking blends, but can also be relaxing and used as a mild sleep aid. While often used as a supplemental flavor, spearmint leaves are astringent enough to be smoked as a base herb, though the flavor may be overpowering. It is a great base to use for less pleasant tasting herbs.

    Mentha x spicata - Organic - USA


    Sleep Aid X
    Mild Intoxicant
    Pain Relief
    Mood Booster
    Use Sparingly!

    Flavor Herbs Generally flowers or members of the sage and mint families, flavor herbs are prized for their pleasant aroma and flavor when smoked. It is important to note that some flavor herbs can be unpleasant or even harmful if smoked in excess. Do not exceed recommended blending percentages.

    Base Herbs A well-rounded smoking blend will be at least 50% base herb to facilitate an even and continued burn. Base herbs have an astringent quality to them, which causes them to light quickly and hold a hot ember long enough to smoke off herbs mixed into them, even if those won’t light. Tobacco and cannabis are examples of excellent base herbs.

    This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.